Part of Andre Plus Productions in focused on the Real Estate Market, a market where clients looking to buy or sell properties see videos as a differential. As a real estate agent, videos are the most effective way of presenting yourself and your work to potential clients. We offer several packages outlined below, but we can also work with you on any creative projects outside of these.


Your video in 5 Steps!

 I want the process of creating a video for your business to be as fun and easy as possible. All it takes are these 5 steps:

1 - Contact:

 Reach out to me over e-mail or via phone to get the ball rolling. I'll send you a form to be filled out about you, your story and your objectives.

2 - Meet:

 We'll set up a meeting to go through the subjects that will be in the video (based on the form you filled out) and decide which is the best video package for your budget.

3 - Shoot:

The fun part! We'll go on location to capture the footage for your video.

If you decide on a testimonials video, I will first shoot your client interviews. After that, based on what they say, we will decide on your talking points.

4 - Edit: 

The footage is carefully edited into an attractive and captivating story.

Within a week, you will receive the first cut of your video and have the opportunity to provide feedback.

5 - Share:

 Get social! I will post your completed video on your website, Facebook page, share on MailChimp and other sources of your choice. You are 53 times more likely to appear on Google's front page if you have a video on your website, so celebrate as your traffic increases!


Profile Video with Testimonials

Listing Video - Realtor Presents